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2018: Vol. 40, Num. 2 EFL Grapho-Phonemics: The “Teachability” of Stressed Vowel Pronunciation Rules Abstract   PDF
Enrique Cámara-Arenas
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Elena Oliete-Aldea. 2015. Hybrid Heritage on Screen. The ‘Raj Revival’ in the Thatcher Era. Abstract   PDF
Jorge Diego Sánchez
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 1 Elena Oliete-Aldea, Beatriz Oria and Juan A. Tarancón, eds. 2016. Global Genres, Local Films: The Transnational Dimension of Spanish Cinema Abstract   PDF
Paul Mitchell
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Elena Seoane and Cristina Suárez-Gómez, eds. 2016. World Englishes: New Theoretical and Methodological Considerations Abstract   PDF
Amanda Roig-Marín
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Eliecer Crespo-Fernández. 2015. Sex in Language. Euphemistic and Dysphemistic Metaphors in Internet Forums. Abstract   PDF
Andrea Pizarro Pedraza
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Elinor Shaffer and Catherine Brown, eds. 2016. The Reception of George Eliot in Europe. Abstract   PDF
Sonia Villegas-López
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Emron Esplin and Margarida Vale de Gato, eds. 2014. Translated Poe. Abstract   PDF
Ana González-Rivas Fernández
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Encountering the Posthuman Animal: Revisiting Dian Fossey’s Gorillas in the Mist Abstract   PDF
Claudia Alonso Recarte
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Essentialism in Children’s Literature: The Emergence of Retrogressive Discourses in post- 9/11 Picture Books. Abstract   PDF
Agustín Reyes-Torres
2013: Vol. 35, num. 2. Euphemistic Metaphors in English and Spanish Epitaphs: A Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Eliecer Crespo-Fernández
2013: Vol. 35, num. 2. Eusebio V. Llácer Llorca, María Amparo Olivares Pardo and Nicolás Estévez Fuertes, eds.2011: A 21st-Century Retrospective View about Edgar Allan Poe/Una mirada retrospectiva sobre Edgar Allan Poe desde el siglo XXI. Details   PDF
Santiago Rodríguez Guerrero-Strachan
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Eva M. Pérez Rodríguez. 2012. How the Second World War Is Depicted by British Novelists since 1990. The Passage of Time Changes Our Portrayal of Traumatic Events. Details   PDF
Jacek Mydla, Aleksandra Musiał
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 2 Evaluation of “Status” as a Persuasive Tool in Spanish and American Pre-electoral Debates in Times of Crisis Abstract   PDF
Mercedes Diez-Prados, Ana Belén Cabrejas-Peñuelas
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 1 Exorcising Personal Traumas / Silencing History: Jennifer Johnston's The Invisible Worm Abstract   PDF
Constanza del Río
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Exploring the Combination of Language, Images and Sound in the Metaphors of tv Commercials Abstract   PDF
Rosario Caballero
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 1 F. Scott Fitzgerald. 2016. Poemas de la era del jazz. Introducción y traducción de Jesús Isaías Gómez López. Abstract   PDF
Juan Ignacio Guijarro González
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 Facing Old Age and Searching for Regeneration in a Dying American West: Gregory Martin’s Mountain City Abstract   PDF
David Río
2013: Vol. 35, num. 1. Felicity Hand 2010: The Subversion of Class and Gender Roles in the Novels of Lindsey Collen (1948- ), Mauritian Social Activist and Writer. Lewiston, Queenston and Lampeter: Edwin Mellen. Details   PDF
María del Mar Azcona Montoliú
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 2 Filming Metatheatre in Gregory Doran’s Macbeth: Refracting Theatrical Crises at the Turn of the Century Abstract   PDF
Víctor Huertas Martín
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 Francisco Collado-Rodríguez, ed. 2013. Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Choke. Abstract   PDF
Marta Cerezo Moreno
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 2 From Africa to America: Precarious Belongings in NoViolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names Abstract   PDF
Rocío Cobo-Piñero
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 From the Traumatic to the Political: Cultural Trauma, 9/11 and Amy Waldman’s The Submission Abstract   PDF
Sonia Baelo-Allué
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Gabriel Insausti. 2015. Tierra de nadie: la literatura inglesa y la Gran Guerra. Abstract   PDF
Cristina Pividori
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 1 Genre Shifting in Restoration Adaptations of Cervantes’s “El curioso impertinente” Abstract   PDF
Jorge Figueroa Dorrego
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Ghostly Visitations in Contemporary Short Fiction by Women: Fay Weldon, Janice Galloway and Ali Smith Abstract   PDF
Jorge Sacido-Romero
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