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2013: Vol. 35, num. 2. Hayes, Kevin J. 2012: A Journey Through American Literature Details   PDF
Justine Tally
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 1. Hilary Mantel’s Eight Months on Ghazzah Street: The Displacement of British Expatriates in Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Silvia García Hernández
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Imelda Martín-Junquera, ed. 2013. Landscapes of Writing in Chicano Literature. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Abstract   PDF
Juan A. Tarancón de Francisco
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Imperial Orwell Abstract   PDF
Paul Melia
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 In Search of a Happy Ending: The Afterlife of Romeo and Juliet on the Asian Screen Abstract   PDF
Rosa García Periago
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade. 2014. In Search of Jane Austen: The Language of the Letters. New York: Oxford University Press. Abstract   PDF
Nuria Calvo Cortés
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Interactional Aspects of Language-based Humour in Shakespeare’s Comedies: The Dynamics of Punning by Ladies-in-Waiting. Abstract   PDF
Magdalena Adamczyk
2013: Vol. 35, num. 1. Isabel Moskowich and Begoña Crespo, eds. 2012: Astronomy ‘playne and simple’. The Writing of Science between 1700 and 1900. Details   PDF
Nuria Calvo Cortés
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Isabel Verdaguer, Natalia Judith Laso and Danica Salazar. 2013. Biomedical English. A Corpus-based Approach. Details   PDF
Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas
2013: Vol. 35, num. 1. J. M. Coetzee’s Summertime: Mistranslation, Linguistic Unhousedness, and the Extraterritorial Literary Community. Abstract   PDF
María J. López
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 1. James Clements. 2012. Mysticism and the Mid-Century Novel. Abstract   PDF
Jesús Saavedra-Carballido
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 1. James Gourley. 2013. Terrorism and Temporality in the Works of Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo. Abstract   PDF
Ana Rull Suárez
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Jane Lugea. 2016. World Building in Spanish and English Spoken Narratives Abstract   PDF
Laura Filardo-Llamas
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Jesús Romero Trillo, ed. 2013. Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics. New Domains and Methodologies. Details   PDF
Elena del Olmo Bañuelos
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Joana Sabadell-Nieto and Marta Segarra, eds. 2014. Differences in Common: Gender, Vulnerability and Community. Amsterdam: Rodopi. Abstract   PDF
Cinta Mesa González
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 1 John Knox. (1588) 2016. El primer toque de la trompeta contra el monstruoso gobierno de las mujeres. Tratado contra María Tudor y otras reinas de la edad moderna. Estudio preliminar, traducción y notas de José Luis Martínez-Dueñas y Rocío G. Sumillera Abstract   PDF
Begoña Lasa Álvarez
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Jordan Cofer. 2014. The Gospel According to Flannery O’Connor: Examining the Role of the Bible in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction. Abstract   PDF
Marita Nadal
2013: Vol. 35, num. 1. Jorge Braga Riera 2009: Classical Spanish Drama in Restoration English (1660-1700). Details   PDF
Inmaculada Serón Ordóñez
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Jorge Sacido, ed. 2012. Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English. Details   PDF
Carmen Lara Rallo
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 José Francisco Fernández, ed. 2013. The New Puritan Generation Abstract   PDF
John Style
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. José María Mesa Villar. 2014. Women in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Arthurian Renditions (1854-1867). Bern: Peter Lang. Abstract   PDF
Iris Fernández Muñiz
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Josep M. Armengol. 2014. Masculinities in Black and White. Manliness and Whiteness in (African) American Literature. Abstract   PDF
Esther Pujolràs Noguer
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Josep Maria Armengol, ed. 2013. Embodying Masculinities. Towards a History of the Male Body in U.S. Culture and Literature. Details   PDF
Rubén Cenamor
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Juanjo Bermúdez de Castro. 2012. Rewriting Terror: The 9/11 Terrorists in American Fiction. Details   PDF
Dolores Resano
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Judie Newman. 2013. Utopia and Terror in Contemporary American Fiction Details   PDF
Paula Martín Salván
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