I Like This Analysis, but I Don’t Think Every Linguist Will: Syntactic NOT-Transportation, VP Ellipsis and VP Pronominalisation

  • Diego Krivochen University of Oxford


In this article I consider some recent objections raised against the syntactic treatment of negation in English multiclausal structures, in particular what has been called NEG-raising. I argue that the objections based on pronominalisation and ellipsis presented in the recent literature do pose a problem for syntactic accounts of the mechanisms of so-called NOT-transportation that rely on a rule of leftwards movement, as is customary in generative grammar. However, there is an alternative syntactic treatment that assumes that negation originates as a higher predicate and is subject to a rule of lowering. I show that a syntactic theory of NOT-transportation is tenable and accounts for the problematic data if NEG-raising is replaced, in the analysis of the cases considered here, by a rule of NEG-lowering.

Author Biography

Diego Krivochen, University of Oxford
Diego Gabriel Krivochen obtained his PhD from the University of Reading. He has worked on formal and computational aspects of syntactic theory, particularly on the syntax and semantics of Spanish and English auxiliary verb constructions, secondary predication and cyclicity conditions, especially those derived from coordination, as well as the links between formal language theory and linguistic analysis.


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