“I Have Always Been a Writer”: An Interview with Evelyn Conlon

  • Melania Terrazas Gallego Departamento de Filologías Modernas. Universidad de La Rioja



Author Biography

Melania Terrazas Gallego, Departamento de Filologías Modernas. Universidad de La Rioja
Melania Terrazas is Senior Lecturer in English Studies and International Mobility Coordinator in the Department of Modern Languages, University of La Rioja (Spain). She is the author of Relational Structures in Wyndham Lewis’s Fiction: Complexity and Value (Lincom Europa, 2005) and helped set up the Wyndham Lewis Project website. She has published on Applied Linguistics (vocabulary knowledge and motivation) and extensively on a number of British, American and Irish authors. She was previously Editor of the Journal of English Studies and is on the Executive Board of AEDEI (The Spanish Association for Irish Studies). She is currently co-editing a collection of essays on satire.


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