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20.2 (1998)



• Ruth BREEZE "EFL Pairwork: Ethnographic and Neo-Vygotskian Perspectives"

• Brian CREWS "Tradition, Heteroglossia and T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land"

• Luis M. GARCÍA MAINAR "Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Male Melodrama"

• Leticia GARRIDO GRANADO "La transformación de 'The Children of the Chapel'
en compañía teatral: su evolución hasta 1576"

• Juana GUERRA DE LA TORRE "Hacia el siglo XXI: acerca de los estudios de literatura
inglesa en la universidad española"

• David LAGASABASTER HERRARTE "Metalinguistic Awareness and the Learning of
English as an L3"

• Felisa LÓPEZ LIQUETE "Columbus' Legacy of Exile"

• María Dolores LÓPEZ MAESTRE "Noun Phrase Complexity as a Style Marker:
An Exercise in Stylistic Analysis"

• Ana E. MARTÍNEZ INSUA "Existential There-Constructions in Present Day English:
A Corpus Study"

• Andrew MONNICKENDAM "The Good, Brave-Hearted Lady: Christian Isobel Johnstone
and National Tales"

• Louise McNALLY "The Proper Use of ‘Every,’ ‘All’ and ‘All the’ in English: A Pedagogical Note"

• Ana OJEA LÓPEZ "On the Eventive Structure of Adjectives and Adverbs"

• Bill PHILLIPS "There Must Be Some Way Out of Here': The Picaresque Hero of the Gospels"

• Eva M. PÉREZ RODRÍGUEZ "Rewriting and Reinterpreting Godwin's Memoirs
of Mary Wollstonecraft"

• Jose María RODRÍGUEZ GARCÍA "Signs of the Other in Three Early Modern American Texts:
Contexts for A Discourse by One Miles Philips"

• María Ángeles TODA IGLESIA "Versions, Perversions, and Subversions of the Imperial
Discourse in E. M. Forster's 'The Other Boat'"


Monographic article


• Juan Manuel HERNÁNDEZ CAMPOY "Análisis del comportamiento de las innovaciones
sociolinguísticas en el espacio social y geográfico: una propuesta interdisciplinar"




• Juan Antonio PERLES ROCHEL "Entrevista a Miguel Méndez"

• Rosario ARIAS DOBLAS "An Interview with Hilary Mantel"

• David WALTON "On the Occasion of Ángel-Luis Pujante Receiving the 'Premio Nacional
de Traducción'"




• Rosalía BAENA, Nadine Gordimer: perspectiva, imaginación, identidad, by Dolors
Collellmir Morales

• Leela GHANDI, Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction, by Annette Gomis

• Henriette SWART, Introduction to Natural Language Semantics, by Francisco Martín Miguel

• Jasone CENOZ y José F. VALENCIA, La competencia pragmática, by Carme Muñoz Lahoz

• Richard KOSTELANETZ, Another E. E. Cummings, by Antonio Ruiz

• Donald PIZER, American Expatriate Writing and the Paris Moment: Modernism and Place,
by María Eugenia Díaz

• Stephen HAHN and Arthur F. KINNEY, Approaches to Teaching Faulkner's The Sound and
the Fury
, by María Eugenia Díaz