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25.1 (2003)



• Josep Maria COTS, "On Being Swept Off Your Feet by the Story: The Discursive
Construction of Involvement in Conversational Storytelling

• Javier E. DÍAZ VERA, "Lexical and Non-Lexical Linguistic Variation in the Vocabulary
of Old English

• Eva ESTEBAS VILAPLANA, "The Status of L in British English Prenuclear Accents"

• María Lourdes LÓPEZ ROPERO, "Travel Writing and Postcoloniality: Caryl Phillips’s
The Atlantic Sound

• Tomás MONTERREY, "Los estudios ingleses en España (1900-1950): legislación curricular"

• Eva M. PÉREZ RODRÍGUEZ, "Education, Conversation, and History: Godwin’s Search for
Style in The Enquirer and ‘Of History and Romance’




• Patricia BASTIDA RODRÍGUEZ, "On Women, Christianity, and History: An Interview
with Michèle Roberts”

• Paloma FRESNO CALLEJA, "An Interview with Patricia Grace"




• Ana SÁEZ HIDALGO, trad. 2001, Geoffrey Chaucer: Troilo y Criseida,
by Jorge L. Bueno Alonso

• José Luis MARTÍNEZ-DUEÑAS ESPEJO and José María PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZ, eds. 2001,
Approaches to the Poetics of Derek Walcott, by Clara Calvo

• Ramón PLO-ALASTRUÉ and María Jesús MARTÍNEZ-ALFARO, eds. 2001, Beyond Borders:
Re-Defining Generic and Ontological Boundaries
, by Brian Crews

• Aránzazu USANDIZAGA and Andrew MONNICKENDAM, eds. 2001, Dressing Up for War:
Transformations of Gender and Genre in the Discourse and Literature of War
, by Mar Gallego

• Mercedes CABRERA ABREU 2000, A Phonological Model for Intonation without Low Tone,
by María Luisa García Lecumberri

• R. HAWKINS 2001, Second Language Syntax: A Generative Introduction,
by María del Pilar García Mayo

• Viorica PATEA and María EUGENIA DÍAZ, eds. 2001, Critical Essays on The Myth of
the American Adam
, by Ana María Manzanas

• John F. BIRK 2000, Tracing the Round: The Astrological Framework of  Moby-Dick,
by Marita Nadal

• María José CHIVITE DE LEÓN 2001, El siglo XVIII inglés en segundo grado,
según John Fowles: las estrategias transtextuales en A Maggot
, by Susana Onega Jaén


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