Journal History

Founded in 1979, Atlantis is the Journal of the Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies (AEDEAN). Over the years it has evolved from its original role as a national journal, serving as publishing outlet for Spanish scholars in the field of English, to become a fully international publication, with an Editorial Board of recognised experts and publishing contributions from around the world. 

Atlantis has been edited by Dr Antonio Garnica Silva (1979-1983), Dr Javier Coy Ferrer (1984-1988), Dr Catalina Montes Mozo (1989-1991), Dr José S. Gómez Soliño (1992-1996), Dr Santiago González Fdez-Corugedo (1996-1998), Dr Rafael Portillo (1999-2002), Dr José Antonio Álvarez Amorós (2003-2005), Dr Angela Downing (2006-2011), Dr Isabel Carrera Suárez (2011-2014), Dr J. Camilo Conde Silvestre (2015-2018) and Dr. Mireia Aragay (2019-)