2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2

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“What Are Novelists For?” Atonement and the British Novel PDF
Peter David Mathews 11-28
Race Relations in Black and White: Visual Impairment as a Racialized and Gendered Metaphor in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno” PDF
Josep M. Armengol 29-46
Grounding Oneself at the Crossroads: Getting Home Alive by Aurora Levins Morales and Rosario Morales PDF
Carmen Flys Junquera 47-67
“In my Beginning is my End”: Multidirectional Memory and the (Im)Possibility of Escaping the Holocaust in Anita Desai’s Baumgartner’s Bombay PDF
Silvia Pellicer-Ortín 69-88
Oblique Kinds of Blackness in Esi Edugyan’s Half Blood Blues PDF
Pilar Cuder-Domínguez 89-104
Reporting Verbs as a Stylistic Device in the Creation of Fictional Personalities in Literary Texts PDF
Pablo Ruano San Segundo 105-124
Author(itie)s and Sources in the Prefatory Matter to Eighteenth-Century English Grammars for Children PDF
María Victoria Domínguez-Rodríguez 125-145
Spanglish: The Hybrid Voice of Latinos in the United States PDF
Eugenia Casielles-Suárez 147-168
Accounting for the Alternating Behaviour of Location Arguments from the Perspective of Role and Reference Grammar PDF
Carolina Rodríguez-Juárez 169-189
Learning Pragmatic Routines during Study Abroad: A Focus on Proficiency and Type of Routine PDF
Eva Alcón Soler, Ariadna Sánchez Hernández 191-210


Emron Esplin and Margarida Vale de Gato, eds. 2014. Translated Poe. PDF
Ana González-Rivas Fernández 213-216
Gabriel Insausti. 2015. Tierra de nadie: la literatura inglesa y la Gran Guerra. PDF
Cristina Pividori 217-221
Silvia Pilar Castro Borrego and María Isabel Romero Ruiz, eds. 2015. Identities on the Move. Contemporary Representations of New Sexualities and Gender Identities. PDF
Antonio Jesús Martínez Pleguezuelos 223-228
Elena Oliete-Aldea. 2015. Hybrid Heritage on Screen. The ‘Raj Revival’ in the Thatcher Era. PDF
Jorge Diego Sánchez 229-232
Elinor Shaffer and Catherine Brown, eds. 2016. The Reception of George Eliot in Europe. PDF
Sonia Villegas-López 233-237
Tyrus Miller, ed. 2016. The Cambridge Companion to Wyndham Lewis. PDF
Francesca Bonafede 239-242
Marisol Morales-Ladrón, ed. 2016. Family and Dysfunction in Contemporary Irish Narrative and Film PDF
Auxiliadora Pérez-Vides 243-246
David Alderson. 2016. Sex, Needs & Queer Culture. From Liberation to the Post-Gay. PDF
Jose María Yebra Pertusa 247-251
Jane Lugea. 2016. World Building in Spanish and English Spoken Narratives PDF
Laura Filardo-Llamas 253-256
Elena Seoane and Cristina Suárez-Gómez, eds. 2016. World Englishes: New Theoretical and Methodological Considerations PDF
Amanda Roig-Marín 257-260