2014: Vol. 36, num. 1.

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Interactional Aspects of Language-based Humour in Shakespeare’s Comedies: The Dynamics of Punning by Ladies-in-Waiting. PDF
Magdalena Adamczyk 11-30
Anti-French Discourse in the Nineteenth-century British Antivivisection Movement. PDF
Claudia Alonso Recarte 31-49
Accounting for Causal Constructions within the Framework of the Lexical Constructional Model PDF
Andreea Rosca 51-69
Will, Suffering and Liberation in William Golding’s The Spire. PDF
Jesús Saavedra-Carballido 71-85
Crossing The Secret River: From Victim to Perpetrator, or the Silent / Dark Side of the Australian Settlement. PDF
Dolores Herrero 87-105
The Motif of Education in Sentimental Narrative. PDF
Fernando Barreiro García 107-121.
Essentialism in Children’s Literature: The Emergence of Retrogressive Discourses in post- 9/11 Picture Books. PDF
Agustín Reyes-Torres 123-137
Religious Belief in Recent Detective Fiction. PDF
Bill Phillips 139-151


Stephen Greenblatt. 2012. The Swerve: How the World Became Modern PDF
Jonathan P.A. Sell 159-165
Bénédicte Ledent and Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, eds. 2012. New Perspectives on the Black Atlantic: Definitions, Readings, Practices, Dialogues PDF
Ana Bringas López 161-165
Manuela Palacios, ed. 2012. Forked Tongues. Galician, Basque and Catalan Women’s Poetry in Translations by Irish Writers PDF
Jacqueline Hurtley 167-172
Judie Newman. 2013. Utopia and Terror in Contemporary American Fiction PDF
Paula Martín Salván 173-177
Jorge Sacido, ed. 2012. Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English. PDF
Carmen Lara Rallo 179-183
Kate Chopin. 2012. El despertar, edited and translated by Eulalia Piñero Gil. PDF
José María Moreno Carrascal 185-189
Isabel Verdaguer, Natalia Judith Laso and Danica Salazar. 2013. Biomedical English. A Corpus-based Approach. PDF
Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas 191-195
Lucía Fernández Amaya, María de la O Hernández López, Reyes Gómez Morón, Manuel Padilla Cruz, Manuel Mejías Borrero and Mariana Relinque Barranca, eds. 2012. New Perspectives on (Im)Politeness and Interpersonal Communication PDF
Barry Pennock-Speck 191-195
María del Pilar García-Mayo, María Junkal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez Adrián, eds. 2013. Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition PDF
Rosa Alonso Alonso 203-207