2014: Vol. 36, num. 2.

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Pedagogic Criticality and English as a Lingua Franca PDF
Martin Dewey 11-30
Exploring the Combination of Language, Images and Sound in the Metaphors of tv Commercials PDF
Rosario Caballero 31-51
The Syntax of the Confirmatory Pragmatic Particle Innit PDF
Susagna Tubau 53-72
Cultural Values and their Correlation with Interactional Metadiscourse Strategies in Spanish and us Business Websites PDF
Francisco Miguel Ivorra Pérez 73-95
The Reception of Doris Lessing’s Novels in Franco’s Spain PDF
Alberto Lázaro 97-113
“The Pandora Effect:” James Cameron’s Avatar and a Trauma Studies Perspective PDF
Silvia Martínez Falquina 115-31
The River Runs Red! Is it a Miracle, Is it an Ecological Disaster? Ito Romo’s El Puente/The Bridge PDF
Amaia Ibarraran-Bigalondo 133-45
Re(claiming) Subjectivity and Transforming the Politics of Silence through the Search for Wholeness in Push by Sapphire PDF
Silvia Pilar Castro Borrego 147-159
“Love Letter to My Ancestors:” Representing Traumatic Memory in Jackie Kay’s The Lamplighter PDF
Petra Tournay-Theodotou 161-82
The Unresolved Spaces of Diasporic Desire: An Interdisciplinary Critique of Haruko Okano’s Work PDF
Eva Darias-Beautell 183-201


Marta Sofía López. 2012. Ginealogías sáficas: de Katherine Philips a Jeanette Winterson. PDF
Pilar Cuder Domínguez 221-24
Josep Maria Armengol, ed. 2013. Embodying Masculinities. Towards a History of the Male Body in U.S. Culture and Literature. PDF
Rubén Cenamor 225-29
Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martín-Albo and Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo, eds. 2013. Culture and Power: Identity and Identification. PDF
Elena Oliete-Aldea 231-35
Cristina M. Gámez-Fernández and Antonia Navarro-Tejero, eds. 2011. India in the World. PDF
Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia 237-41
Eva M. Pérez Rodríguez. 2012. How the Second World War Is Depicted by British Novelists since 1990. The Passage of Time Changes Our Portrayal of Traumatic Events. PDF
Jacek Mydla, Aleksandra Musiał 243-47
Juanjo Bermúdez de Castro. 2012. Rewriting Terror: The 9/11 Terrorists in American Fiction. PDF
Dolores Resano 249-53
Russell Hoban, ed. 2011: Dudo Errante. PDF
Fernando Ángel Moreno 255-58
María Luisa Calero Vaquera and María de los Ángeles Hermosilla Álvarez, eds. 2013. Lenguaje, Literatura y Cognición. PDF
Ana María Rojo López 259-62
Barry Pennock-Speck and María Milagros del Saz-Rubio, eds. 2013. The Multimodal Analysis of Television Commercials. PDF
Izaskun Elorza 263-67
Jesús Romero Trillo, ed. 2013. Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics. New Domains and Methodologies. PDF
Elena del Olmo Bañuelos 269-74


Louise Welsh, Then and There PDF
Eduardo García Agustín