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2015: Vol. 37, Num. 1. Justine Baillie. 2013. Toni Morrison and Literary Tradition. The Invention of an Aesthetic. Abstract   PDF
Mar Gallego Durán
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Kate Chopin. 2012. El despertar, edited and translated by Eulalia Piñero Gil. Details   PDF
José María Moreno Carrascal
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. L1 Use, Lexical Richness, Accuracy and Syntactic Complexity in the Oral Production of CLIL and NON-CLIL Learners of English Abstract   PDF
María Martínez Adrián, M. Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado
2013: Vol. 35, num. 1. Ladylikeness and Sociolinguistic Submission in Late Medieval English Society: Gender-based Use of Negation in John Paston I and Margaret Paston Abstract   PDF
Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 2 Laura Monrós-Gaspar. 2015. Victorian Classical Burlesques: A Critical Anthology. Abstract   PDF
Juan-José Martín-González
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Learning Pragmatic Routines during Study Abroad: A Focus on Proficiency and Type of Routine Abstract   PDF
Eva Alcón Soler, Ariadna Sánchez Hernández
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 Leyre Ruiz de Zarobe and Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe, eds. 2013. Enseñar hoy una lengua extranjera. Abstract   PDF
Isabel López Cirugeda
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Linda Grant: An Interview Abstract   PDF
Silvia Pellicer-Ortín
2015: Vol. 37, Num. 2. Liquid Cinematography and the Representation of Viral Threats in Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men Abstract   PDF
Julia Echeverría Domingo
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Louise Welsh, Then and There Details   PDF
Eduardo García Agustín
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Lucía Fernández Amaya, María de la O Hernández López, Reyes Gómez Morón, Manuel Padilla Cruz, Manuel Mejías Borrero and Mariana Relinque Barranca, eds. 2012. New Perspectives on (Im)Politeness and Interpersonal Communication Details   PDF
Barry Pennock-Speck
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. Manuela Palacios, ed. 2012. Forked Tongues. Galician, Basque and Catalan Women’s Poetry in Translations by Irish Writers Details   PDF
Jacqueline Hurtley
2014: Vol. 36, num. 1. María del Pilar García-Mayo, María Junkal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez Adrián, eds. 2013. Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Details   PDF
Rosa Alonso Alonso
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 María Isabel Romero Ruiz. 2014. The London Lock Hospital in the Nineteenth Century. Gender, Sexuality and Social Reform. Abstract   PDF
María José Coperías Aguilar
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 María Jesús Fernández Gil. 2013. Traducir el horror: la intersección de la ética, la ideología y el poder en la memoria del Holocausto. Abstract   PDF
Silvia Pellicer Ortín
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 1 María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia, ed. 2016. Ex-Sistere: Women’s Mobility in Contemporary Irish, Welsh and Galician Literatures Abstract   PDF
Noemí Pereira-Ares
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 1 María Losada-Friend, Auxiliadora Pérez-Vides and Pilar Ron-Vaz, eds. 2016. Words of Crisis, Crisis of Words: Ireland and the Representation of Critical Times. Abstract   PDF
Marta Ramon Garcia
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. María Luisa Calero Vaquera and María de los Ángeles Hermosilla Álvarez, eds. 2013. Lenguaje, Literatura y Cognición. Details   PDF
Ana María Rojo López
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Marisol Morales-Ladrón, ed. 2016. Family and Dysfunction in Contemporary Irish Narrative and Film Abstract   PDF
Auxiliadora Pérez-Vides
2014: Vol. 36, num. 2. Marta Sofía López. 2012. Ginealogías sáficas: de Katherine Philips a Jeanette Winterson. Details   PDF
Pilar Cuder Domínguez
2016: Vol. 38, Num. 1 Mohan G. Ramanan. 2013. R.K. Narayan: An Introduction. Abstract   PDF
Dolores Herrero
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 1 Mrs. Fielding: The Single Woman as the Incarnation of the Ideal Domestic Women Abstract   PDF
Aída Díaz Bild
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 1 Negative Preposing: Intervention and Parametric Variation in Complement Clauses Abstract   PDF
Ángel Luis Jiménez-Fernández
2018: Vol. 40, Num. 1 Nonnarrative and History in Barrett Watten’s Under Erasure Abstract   PDF
Manuel Brito
2017: Vol. 39, Num. 2 Oblique Kinds of Blackness in Esi Edugyan’s Half Blood Blues Abstract   PDF
Pilar Cuder-Domínguez
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