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15.1-2 (1993)



• Juan Carlos ACUÑA FARIÑA "On the Grammatical Status of 'Colon Structures'"

• Eva ALCÓN "High Cognitive Questions in Non-Native Student Group Classroom Discussion:
Do They Facilitate Comprehension
and Written Production of the Foreign Language"

• Montserrat CAPDEVILA i BATET "Children's Yes-No and Wh-Questions"

• Francisco COLLADO RODRÍGUEZ "History and Metafiction: V.'s Impossible Cognitive Quest"

• Eva DARIAS BEAUTELL "Subversion of a Nun in Love and in Trouble"

• Ángeles DE LA CONCHA "Mitos culturales y violencia sexual: estaciones en la pasión
de la mujer según Angela Carter"

• Pamela FABER and Chantal PÉREZ "Image Schemata and Light: A Study in Contrastive
Domains in English and Spanish"

• Juan Carlos GARCÍA LORENZO "Aspects of the Syntax of Finite Complement Clauses
as Subjects in John Lyly's Euphues: The Anatomy of Wyt"

• Juan Carlos GARCÍA MAINAR "Auto-Focalisation in Film Narrative"

• Hilaria LOYO "Subversive Pleasures in Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity"

• Elena SEOANE POSSE "The Passive in Early Modem English"

• Jesús VARELA ZAPATA "Jesús: Men of the People: Chinua Achebe's Post-Colonial
Intellectuals and Politicians"


Monographic article


• José Luis G. ESCRIBANO "On Syntactic Metatheory"




• Susana ONEGA "An Obsessive Writer's Formula: Subtly Vivid, Enigmatically Engaging,
Disturbingly Funny, and Cruel: An interview with Charles Palliser"




• Norman BLAKE, ed., The Cambridge History of the English Language: Volume 2, 1066-14,
by Javier E. Díaz Vera

• Brian BOYD, Viadimir Nabokov: The Russian Years and Vladimir Nabokov:
The American Years
, by Juan Ignacio Guijarro González

• Antonio BRAVO, Fernando GARCÍA, and Santiago GONZÁLEZ, Old English Anthology,
by Julia María Fernández Cuesta

• Clara CALVO, Power Relations and Fool-Master Discourse in Shakespeare: A Discourse
Stylistics Approach to Dramatic Dialogue
, by Miguel Ángel Martínez-Cabeza

• Bessie DENDRINOS, The EFL Textbook and Ideology, by Sally Burgess

• Angela DOWNING and Philip LOCKE, A University Course in English Grammar,
by Francisco Martín Miguel

• N. Katherine HAYLES, ed., Chaos and Order: Complex Dymanics in Literature and Science,
by Juana Guerra de la Torre

• Anne L. KLINCK, The Old English Elegies: A Critical Edition and Genre Study,
by María José Mora


Book notices


• Christopher BENFEY, The Double Life of Stephen Crane: A Biography, by Juan José Lanero

• Juan DE LA CRUZ y Ángel CAÑETE, Historia del inglés, by María Jesús Pérez Quintero

• Pedro J. DUQUE, España en Shakespeare, by María Beatriz Hernández Pérez

• King-kok CHEUNG, Articulate Silences, by Rocío G. Davis

• George FIRMAGE, ed., E. E. Cummings: Complete Poems, 1904-1962, by Juan José Lanero

• Harald KITTEL and A. P. FRANK, eds., Interculturality and the Historical Study of Literary
, by María del Carmen Toledano Buendía

• Michael THORN, Tennyson, by Mauricio D. Aguilera Linde

• Secundino VILLORIA y Juan J. LANERO, La historia traducida: versiones españolas
de las obras de W. H. Prescott en el siglo XIX
, by Catalina Montes

• Matilde VIVANCOS MACHIMBARRENA, La lengua de The Vicar of Wakefield de Oliver
, by María Jesús Pérez Quintero

• Ronald WARDHAUGH, Introducción á sociolingílistica, trad. Mario CAL VARELA,
by Manuel Almeida