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22.2 (2000)



• Leticia ÁLVAREZ RECIO "‘The White House’ en A Game at Chess: el ataque de
Thomas Middleton a la política real"

• Jorge CASANOVA "Narrative Time-Out: Anagnorisis in Book VI of The Faerie Queene"

• Francisco Javier DÍAZ PÉREZ "Sperber and Wilson's Relevance Theory and Its
Applicability to Advertising Discourse: Evidence from British Press Advertisements"

• Olga Isabel DÍEZ VELASCO "A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of the Nature of Some Hand
Metonymies in English and Spanish"

• Francisco GONZÁLVEZ GARCÍA "Finding, Seeing, Thinking, and Observing in English
Utopian Literature: Towards an Understanding of the Relevance of 'NP+XP' Complement
Constructions in the Morphology and Grammar of J. Swift's Gulliver's Travels"

• Pilar HIDALGO "'These Fragments against My Ruins': cambios sociales en las novelas
de P. D. James"

• Laura HIDALGO DOWNING "How to Do Things with Contradiction: Exploring Humour
in Joseph Heller's Catch-22"

• José María PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZ "Contention and Continuity: The Concept of Time in
Metrical Studies and Poetics"

• Manuela ROMANO "A Preliminary Synergetic Account of English Modal Verbs"

• Esther SÁNCHEZ-PARDO "Canonization or Exclusion?: Dorothy Livesay's Wayward
Modernism from the 1940s"




• Sonia VILLEGAS LÓPEZ, Mujer y religión en la narrativa anglófona contemporánea,
by Patricia Bastida

• Elaine TREHARNE, ed., Old and Middle English: An Anthology, by Jorge Luis Bueno Alonso

• Carson T. SCHÜTZE, The Empirical Base of Linguistics: Grammaticality Judgments and
Linguistic Methodology
, by María del Pilar García Mayo

• Jennifer COATES, ed., Language and Gender: A Reader, by María del Mar Rivas Carmona




• Mercedes SALVADOR BELLO "Noticia teatral: dos montajes españoles de Shakespeare"


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• Isabel GONZÁLEZ CRUZ "Towards an English Bibliographical List on the Canary Islands"